How to Be Funny(ier) and Tell a Joke

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Tuesday, JUNE 25, 2013 8PM EDT

Would you like to be able to tell jokes, or tell them better?
Do people roll their eyes or groan when you start to tell a joke?

With this entertaining and instructive webinar, your joke-telling worries are over, and you will be ready for National Tell An Old Joke Day (July 24) and National Tell-a-Joke Day (Auguist 16).

Psychologist Steve Wilson, teams up with Jeff Justice, Humor Resources Director, award-winning comedy coach, and VFM (Very Funny Man) a webinar that will help you be funny(ier) and be prepared to tell at least one joke.

What are the best jokes for you to tell?
Where can you  find jokes? (Hint: We have lots of sources for you.)
How to prepare and deliver a joke.
When to tell a joke.
How to keep your jokes from backfiring.
How to tell a joke without telling a joke. Really!
What is "The World's Funniest Joke"?
What is the world's oldest joke?

BONUSES - Along with the webinar, you will get:
* Jeff's tried-and-proven system for avoiding the 20 mistakes that kill jokes.
 * Jeff's popular e-Book, "How to Ad Lib Like a Professional (or just look like one)" - a $10.00 value. Funny quips about anything that could happen during a presentation.
 * A translation of Philogelos, 265 of the world's oldest jokes.
 * Step-by-step document of expert tips for being funny and telling jokes.

Whether or not you attend the live session, following the webinar, recordings and extra material will be sent to you via link to a DropBox or you can order a CD sent by snail mail.

Date: 6/25/2013
Time: 8 PM EDT

You will receive an email with instructions on accessing the webinar and any additional materials.

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