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EMOTIONAL EDUCATION: Beating the Holiday Blues - Seriously!

Holidays and other occasions throughout the year can be enormously stressful, and even more so from October to December. This class is based on discoveries of the most-recommended ways to cope, and includes an explanation to the unique role that humor and laughter can play.

Get a head start on program for the Emotionally Loaded Quarter of the Year
Common underlying issues “aggravated” by the Holiday Season
Suicide Myths & Facts
The secret to preventing burnout
Fifty Nifty ways to keep your emotional balance
CRASH! Remedies for post-holiday blues
How Humor Gives Us Perspective
Humor Sense and Sensitivity
How Humor Helps
Marketing Your Holiday Programs

Includes Steve Wilson's freshly updated comprehensive booklet, "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Beating the Holiday Blues and the Post-Holiday Let-Down, But Were Too Bummed Out to Ask," and his perennial popular article, "A Funny Valentine Could Be Serious."

Pay here, then you will receive the links to the DropBox where you can download the webinar and the enrichment materials. You can also order everything sent to you on a disc for $8.00 additional (incl postage).
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